ECR has an expiring registry authentication token(12 hours), integrating with your DIY kubernetes cluster is not easy. you have to refresh the secret every 12 hours.

This helper simply runs as a cronjob on kubernetes and updates the secret at chosen interval.


The helper can only update one ECR ID for now so, if you want to use it with multiple ECRs you may have to create multiple cronjobs. One ECR ID may have multiple repositories for example

# create a service account (least possible privileges)
kubectl apply -f example-service-account.yml
# create a secret(IMPORTANT) for AWS credentials with ECR IAM ROLE
kubectl create secret -n ecr-kube-helper generic ecr-kube-helper-ecr-secret --from-literal=REGION=[AWS_REGION] --from-literal=ID=[AWS_KEY_ID] --from-literal=SECRET=[AWS_SECRET]
# create the cron job
kubectl apply -f example-deployment-account.yml

The cronjob will automatically create an image pull secret as defined in the environment variable TARGET_SECRET

Environment variable DEFAULT
TARGET_SECRET None (the secret name which will hold the ecr pull secret)
TARGET_NAMESPACE None (the namespace you want the cronjob in)
TARGET_EMAIL [email protected] (can be anything, not really relevant)
LOGLEVEL DEBUG (Python log levels)
AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY None (define as secret) refer example-deployment.yml
AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID None (define as secret) refer example-deployment.yml
AWS_DEFAULT_REGION None (define as secret) refer example-deployment.ymlone



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