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About Me

Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. - Henry Ford


I am Sai Kiran. I have a constant thirst for acquiring knowledge. I regularly hack stuff, and spend a lot of time reading about technology and creative arts like photography and DIY projects. I write my learning here to share them to the world and also for my own recollection.

I am a developer since 2014, I jump between front-end and back-end, you could call me a full stack developer (if that is a real word). When not working I click pictures, some of them got featured in reputed travel websites and magazines all over the world. I mostly click street and landscapes, I don't prefer clicking portraits, don't know why. Spending away from the city is my go-to thing when I feel low or tired, there are some amazing places around Vizag. Hit me up if you ever visit here, I have an awesome trekking/hiking group to take you on an adventure.

I started my coding days in PHP, then picked up Node.JS, Kotlin & Go. Nowadays I code my non-work projects in Python. At work I use Scala & Java.

I use a NIKON D5600 and my Oneplus 7 pro to click my pictures. Sometimes I game on my PC, favorites being MS Flight Simulator, Crysis3, COD Advanced Warfare, GTA5, Anthem, Horizon Zero Dawn.

My life goal is to settle in a self-sustained farmhouse, with a huge sanctuary for different animals. Inspired by Dr.Dolittle.

I belive in Privacy, climate-change, open-source and open-governments.

Link to my Resume